India Online Pay encompasses an array of features to facilitate your payment process!

Multi-Currency Options

Avoid conversion disputes with our multi-currency processing service!

A multi-currency processing service not only enhances the image of your company but it also gives you and your company a competitive edge! You can now improve your customers’ experience by incorporating the convenience of choosing various types of currencies thus, improving your storefront experience - This is indeed a possibility through India Online Pays’ Payment Processing Solution!

The integration of India Online Pays’ Payment Processing Solution makes your store accessible to a variety of multi-currency options.

When you are able to accept multifarious currencies on your store, you make your online store accessible to customers of various geographical locations.

Our multi-currency feature option avoids conversion disputes and allows our merchants to accept payments efficiently. This feature not only boosts your sales but also increases user experience!

Multi-lingual Check-outs

India Online Pay checks out for diversity by catering to all!

We know that your brand has a diverse audience and you would want a check out page that caters to an array of audiences!

We understand how important a user experience is to you which is why we have designed our payment gateway to do just the same - We want our merchants customers to experience a seamless shopping experience and of the key aspects of this process is a lucid and legible checkout page.

At India Online Pay, we have designed our check out page to be multi-lingual – Available in multiple Indian languages like English, Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil etc. and various international languages like French, Spanish and Chinese, our multi-lingual check-out page enables you to cater your services to a global audience.

India Online Pays’ Payment Processing Solution is designed to be accessible to various audiences so that you cater to everyone and how has it really helped? Well, India Online Pay's multi-lingual check out page has improved user experience and created a seamless shopping experience thereby successfully increased transaction rates!

Capacity to Customize

Design your store the way you like, customize to suit your needs!

Choosing India Online Pay as your payment processing partner allows you to not only accept payments efficiently and securely on your online store but it also allows you to design your store the way you like!

You have the control and capacity to customize your store!

India Online Pay’s interface integration will allow you to achieve the following easily with some clicks:

  • Store-front customization
  • Customization of shopping cart’s
  • Customization of check-out pages

With the capacity to customize, you are only a few clicks away from building and designing your store!

Inline Frame Integration

Seamless integrations now made easy with Iframes!

We want your customers experience to be a hassle-free experience.

An Iframe integration through India Online Pay allows you to offer your customers just that - A seamless shopping experience!

India Online Pays Payment Processing Solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate Iframes within your online store because we want your payment processing requirements to be met. Furthermore, IOP’s Inline Frame Integration are secure and easy to integrate within your store!

We are PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certified and this enables us to process your customers’ payments securely to you.

With our secure Iframe integration, you can accept payments securely without hindrances on your checkout page. This is another way we want to help your business grow!

Retry Options Boost Sales

India Online Pay's retry system reduces abandoned transactions

There are many instances due to which a customer’s transaction may fail. Some of these instances are listed as follows:

  • Incorrect input of information
  • Incorrect card details
  • Bank downtime
  • Payment options incorrectly selected

Abandoning transactions can be very disappointing for a merchant and to tackle such instances, India Online Pay has a retry system to reduce abandon transactions. Through the retry system, your customer is redirected to an intermediary page which enlists the reason of failure.

Our retry system has successfully recovered abandoned transactions and boosted sales!

Intelligent Routing System

Designed to be dynamic, India Online Pay’s extensive routing engine is intelligent

India Online Pay’s services are integrated with an extensive routing engine that switches transactions between banks so that you get the most efficient services.

We strive to facilitate our merchants’ processing requirement which is why India Online Pay’s payment processing solution has an extensive routing engine designed in its’ system!

India Online Pay’s algorithms are designed to be dynamic and intelligent – The system can identify the best performing gateway based on various factors such as bank servers or maintenance breaks.

The intelligent routing system ensures that the transactions are not interfered with.

Due to our extensive routing engine, we are able to tackle bank downtimes and delays easily and promising 99.9% uptime so that there are no hindrances in your sales.

Get Paid with SNAP

Now, accept payments efficiently on the social networking sites via our SNAP plan

We believe in providing end to end solutions which is why we have developed SNAP – A revolutionary way to accept payments in a constantly evolving world!

India Online Pay’s SNAP plan abbreviates for - Social Networking Activated Payment!

Our SNAP Plan allows merchants to integrate secure and efficient payment solutions within their social media networks – Through SNAP; you can sell your products and accept payments instantly on social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Now, selling your products and accepting payments is only easy clicks away!

In a nut-shell, our SNAP plan makes it possible for our merchants to collect payments instantly, efficiently and securely through their social media platforms as well.

Invoice Management System

Send, schedule and manage through your very own invoicing system!

Sign Up with us and get access to your very own invoice management system!

Our Invoice Management System is another way we want to ensure that your payment processing requirements are met with!

India Online Pay’s premium services allows merchant to get their very own Invoice Management System in which, you can not only send invoices but you can also schedule and manage your very own invoicing system.

In addition, this feature also allows you to accept payments in various currencies from any country.

The invoice management system basically enables you, the merchant to create and include payment link within the invoices, schedule the time points of your invoices and manage the entire system.

In few easy clicks, you can set-up your very own invoicing system and manage it the way you like!

In-depth analytics

Make better decisions for your business with our in-depth analytics tool!

One of the primary focuses of India Online Pay is to facilitate the growth of our merchants’ business and that is possible when the merchant is possible to make informed decisions. This is primarily the reason; our developing team has focused on building our very own in-depth analytics tool! India Online Pays’ in-depth analytics tool gives the merchants’ detailed statistical analysis of user behaviour so that you can make informed decisions for your business! In addition, the in-depth analytics tool is also intuitive. It is designed to analyse and predict data patterns. This feature allows you to optimize your online retail strategies and entails the following:

  • Exploring the effects of your merchandising strategies.
  • Analyzing marketing strategies to maximize profits.
  • Tracking User Behaviour to make recommendations.

In a nut-shell, India Online Pay’s in-depth analytics tool is designed to act as your business development assistant so that you can modify your business approach to increase profits and cut-back losses.

IOP Vault System

A secure vault to store card details for fast payments.

One of the key features of India Online Pay’s Payment processing solutions is that you can create a secure and an efficient platform for your customers to store their card details. When you choose India Online Pay as your payment processing partner, your customers will be able to store their card details in the IOP Vault System. With IOP Vault System, you can store the following securely:

  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • ATM Cards
  • Prepaid Cards

This feature is built to enable smooth transactions that aren’t frustrating or time-consuming to our merchants’ customers. Through the IOP Vault System, your customers can store their card details securely so that their transactions process is smooth which in turn increases user experience.

Responsive checkouts

A responsive checkout page for a seamless shopping experience!

In depth analytics and various research modules have indicated that more than 60% of the customers abandon their shopping carts due to inconvenient or cumbersome online shopping experiences.

One of the features by India Online Pay that facilitates an easy shopping experience is the responsive checkout page!

Along with a few other factors, a responsive checkout page is one of the features that is responsible for creating a seamless shopping experience for its customers.

India Online Pay’s web-pages are responsive to the devices being used by the consumer because we want our merchants’ customers to have an optimal shopping experience.

This feature enables easy navigation and better readability of your site in turn creating an optimal shopping experience for your customers.

Instant Activation

Instant activation, Easy integration!

India Online Pay was developed with the sole focus of facilitating secure and efficient payment process for merchants which is why when you sign up with us, you sure, do get access to a payment gateway solution but upon registration, your store will be instantly activated!

Our thought-out approach, well defined process and seamless integration of API’s allows us to instantly activate and integrate your store with your India Online Pay account.

Once you register with us, you can expect your business to be online and meet the web world in a brief time-frame. We are designed to be well-defined and activated within minutes of registration.

We have designed our payment processing solution to be activated within minutes of registration. Not only that, the system is also easy to integrate with!

It's No Hassle – Expect Instant activation and Easy integration!

Resolve Queries Anytime

Reach us any-time - 24/7, 365 days a year. We are here to resolve your queries!

We, at India Online Pay are always available to solve our merchants’ concerns and queries!

You can contact us for any of the following:

  • Technical Enquiry
  • Sales Enquiry
  • General Enquiry

We assure you that India Online Pay’s support team will be able to accessible to resolve your queries at all times!

At India Online Pay, you will be immediately assisted by our technical team and support staff - You can call or chat with us between 8 AM to 8 PM, 365 days a year! And even beyond 8 PM, our IVR support will be active to assist you.

We are available at all times i.e. 24/7, 365 days a year!

FRAME the Fraud

Tackle fraud with IOP’s FRAME (Fraud Risk and Management Enabler) network!

Data confidentiality is the core crux of the payment gateway solutions provided by India Online Pay! Because, today fraudulence is a reality and any payment processing provider must be able to tackle the grim realities of electronic transactions. We take fraud analysis and risk threats very seriously which is why, we have invested and developed our very own FRAME the Fraud network.

The FRAME abbreviated for Fraud Risk and Management Enabler combines artificial intelligence technologies with the best of the best practices and its’ sole focus is to analyze each and every fraudulent activity.

We are PCI DSS certified and this enables us to process your customers’ payments securely to you.

Our FRAME network is capable of detecting even the slightest of nuances in your transactions.

We assure you that we are more than enabled to detect any type of fraudulent attempts or risky transactions!

Maximal Payment Options

Now, you can integrate a range of payment options on your website!

India Online Pay offers maximum payment solutions! If you choose us as your payment gateway provider, you will be able to integrate and accept payments through the following options:

  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Net Banking
  • ATM Cards
  • Prepaid Cards and Wallets
  • EMI Options
  • UPI
  • Vault based cards

Cash-back for IOP Users

Register with us and receive amazing cashback benefits!

India Online Pay’s cash-back system allows you to access upon exclusive cash-back offers of popular brands and major vendors.

One of the major benefits of registering as a user with India Online Pay is that you can now, get amazing offers with our cash-back system!

Our cash-back for IOP users allows you to access the various deals and services that are offered by India Online Pay.

We introduce cash-back offers on various categories such as Men’s Fashion, Women’s Fashion, Electronics, Food and Beverages etc on a timely basis.

Just apply the promo-code to avail your cash-back!

Register with us now, to avail amazing benefits!

Multi-Currency Wallet Transfer

Transfer from one IOP wallet to another at your convenience from anywhere, anytime.

India Online Pay’s prime focus is to make banking easier, faster and more secure at each and every stage. Thus, we bring you the multi-currency wallet transfer service!

This feature of India Online Pay allows the IOP user to conveniently transfer and accept money through various currencies in your wallet or bank account.

Its’ easy, fast and secure with no documentation!

Through our multi-currency wallet transfer system, you, the India Online Pay user can transfer money to another India Online Pay user from anywhere and anytime at your convenience.

India Online Pay’s multi-currency wallet transfer allows you to transfer in various currencies thus, making financial transfers across the globe an efficient process!